Top 10 Pornstars

We all love porn.  For most, watching porn is an every-day part of life.  You can even measure porn popularity by looking at search traffic.  Over 1/3 of all internet traffic is porn related.  Searches for “top porn stars” and like terms generate over 500k google views each and every month.  Even with all that traffic, it can be difficult to establish who the top 10 pornstars are.  We do our best here to break down those top 10 pornstars who are trending in the year 2018.

Top 10 Pornstars

These are the top 10 pornstars on the internet and the best places to find them as established by us here at KinkPage.  The ruberic formaking this list is complicated.  We mainly look for growth in search, videos online, and new content with our established top porn sites. 

The site listed by each star below has the most videos for each top 10 pornstar.  The cheapest price for each premium porn site is listed so that you can get the best deal possible.  Enjoy!

Top 10 Pornstar Top Porn Site 2  -Day Trial
Cory ChaseReality Kings$1
Abella DangerBrazzers$1
Lisa AnnBrazzers$1
Madison IvyBrazzers$1
Moriah MillsReality Kings$1
Mia Malkova Brazzers$1
Lana RhoadesBrazzers$1
Nicolette SheaBrazzers$1
Kendra LustBrazzers$1
Nicole AnistonBrazzers$1

Cory Chase

#1 Top Pornstar of 2018

Overall:  ★★★★★

Cory Chase on Reality Kings – Just $1

Cory Chase Reality Kings Brazzers Mofos
2-Day Trial$1$1$1
Porn Scenes31132

Cory Chase is known for her motherly ways.  At 41 years old, she’s one of the top pornstars on the internet when it comes to MILF and mommy fantasies.  She does plenty of Step-mom porn and other taboo scenes.  Many pornstars are afraid to tackle this kink segment, but Chase shines in the role and has a ton of top mom porn scenes.  She’s one of the best out there.

If you’re a fan of the mommy porn genre, you’ll love Chase in scenes that can be found on Reality Kings.  Try something like “Get Off Your Ass and Clean” where Chase “punishes” her daughter.  Maybe you have a fantasy about your studies being interrupted.  In that case, her scene in “F***ing Nerds” is sure to get you off.  Chase invades a study session between her daughter and a boy she likes.  Let’s just say they all make a big fuss over it.

Cory Chase Porn Membership

Chase can primarily be found on Reality Kings where she has 31 videos.  You can also find her on our top porn site Brazzers where she has 13 videos.  A Brazzers membership is just $1 for 2-days.  Reality Kings too can be had for $1 on a 2-day trial membership.

Cory Chase on Reality Kings – Just $1

Abella Danger

#2 Top Pornstar

Overall:  ★★★★★

Abella Danger on Brazzers – Just $1

Abella Danger Brazzers Reality Kings Mofos
2-Day Trial$1$1$1
Porn Scenes34169

Abella Danger is a KinkPage personal favorite.  We’re not alone.  Over 150,000 people have searched for Abella Danger in each month of 2018 and her traffic is steadily growing.  At just 23, this athletic, bubble butted, Ukranian is just what the doctor ordered for kinksters who love workout porn and kinky scenes that include petite and athletic beauties.

Abella Danger is featured in Brazzers House as are a few others on this top 10 list.  Here, top pornstars are faced with reality based situations.  Danger and other top pornstars like Nicolette Shea and Ashley adams have to decide who gives it to them better, a man, or a machine.  The results are nothing but enjoyable and interesting all at once.  Don’t you love when science is pleasurable?

For bread and butter Abella Danger, you have to check out “Fight Me Bitch” where Danger kicks her opponent’s ass in the UFC cage.  It comes out that this woman has “taken down” Danger’s boyfriend.  It’s time for a pleasure and punishing payback.

Abella Danger Porn Membership

The best site to find an Abella Danger porn membership is Brazzers.  Danger is active there with her uploads and has 34 different and kinky scenes on the site.  A Brazzers Network trial membership is just $1 for 2-days.  Danger is also available on Reality Kings with 16 videos available.  A Reality Kings trial is just $1 for 2-days.

Abella Danger on Brazzers – Just $1

Lisa Ann

#3 Top Pornstar

Overall:  ★★★★★

Lisa Ann on Brazzers – Just $1

Lisa Ann Brazzers Digital Playground Reality Kings
2-Day Trial$1$1$1
Porn Scenes47182

Lisa Ann is a legendary MILF who has broken records in search before and probably will again.  She once trended to the number 1 spot in a single weekend.  She’s famous for appearing in music videos and pop culture.  Eminem included her in his music video “We Made You.”  She hasn’t filmed on Brazzers since 2015, but we’re hearing rumors of a Lisa Ann comeback.  Her search is trending once again.  Brazzers will allegedly have her filming again by the end of the year.  These are all rumors, but we sure hope they’re true.

Lisa Ann’s content, even if made in 2015, still reigns supreme.  It’s crazy that the top pornstar is 46 years old.  She doesn’t look a day over 40.  Watch her perform in scenes like “Lisa’s Big Secret” where the popular milf gets down discreetly with a partner of color.  Much like Mills prior on this list, Lisa Ann loves it big and she’ll goes black (and still sometimes comes back) to get what she wants.

Lisa Ann Porn Membership

Lisa Ann is available on Brazzers. That’s the #1 network to find a Lisa Ann porn membership.  She has over 47 videos on the Brazzers Network where a 2-day trial is just $1.  You can also find Lisa Ann on Digital Playground where she has 18 scenes.  A 2-day trial on Digital Playground is $1.Lisa Ann on Brazzers – Just $1

Madison Ivy

#4 Top Pornstar

Overall:  ★★★★★

Madison Ivy on Brazzers – Just $1

Madison Ivy Brazzers Digital Playground Reality Kings
2-Day Trial$1$1$1
Porn Scenes6493

Madison Ivy is just now entering her 30’s, but that’s not stopping her.  This 4’11’ brunette nympho gets over 160,000 searches on google per month and she’s trending at a growth rate of over 75% year over year according to our measurement tools.

Raised in Texas, Madison Ivy’s southern charm and ability to be thrown around in all sorts of scenes has her at the top of the 2018 top 10 pornstars list.  Ivy is adored for her flexibility.  Her signature move is placing her own legs behind her head as she does the deep.  This results in the deepest penetration possible and it can really get off kinksters who love watching women take big members.

Brazzers is a popular spot to find Madison Ivy porn scenes.  You’ll love “1800 Phone Sex” where phone sex operators get down and welcome in a new co-worker.  It’s extremely kinky and includes paddles and such.  Ivy loves holiday themes and we do too.  With Thanksgiving coming up, “Thankful for Madison” gives us something all to cherish this holiday season.

Madison Ivy Porn Membership

The best place to find a Madison Ivy porn membership is clear.  She features prominently on one network and has exponentially more porn videos on the Brazzers network than any other top porn site.  A Brazzers membership is just $1 for 2-day trial access.  When you sign up, you can watch 64 different Madison Ivy porn scenes and knock yourself out!

Madison Ivy on Brazzers – Just $1

Moriah Mills

#5 Top Pornstar

Overall:  ★★★★★

Moriah Mills on Reality Kings – Just $1

Moriah Mills Reality Kings BrazzersDigital Playground
2-Day Trial$1$1$1
Porn Scenes1052

Moriah Milla is one curvy woman and she has an ass that means business.  She’s darker in complexion but her race isn’t openly listed anywhere that we can find.  She’s beautiful and really that’s all that matters.  We think you’ll really enjoy watching her as many of her viewers and fans already have.  She has 1.8 million Instagram followers and is really growing in search volume in 2018.  She’s almost doubled in searches and I think she’ll double something else for you too.

Moriah Mills can most commonly be found on Reality Kings and we think you’ll like her collection of top porn videos there.  Try Moriah Mills in “Round, Brown, Soapy, and Wet” where Mills gets into a bit of mischief when washing a rather hung man’s car.  One thing about Moriah that is obvious.  She likes them BIG.  We think “Bending and Trending” may be a good scene for you too considering the nature of this article.

Moriah Mills Porn Membership

Moriah Mills isn’t the easiest girl to find on line and she’s newer in the porn game.  She doesn’t have as extensive a list of videos as some others do on this list.  That makes the best place to find a Moriah Mills Porn Membership difficult.

We think the best place to find Moriah Mills porn is on the Reality Kings network.  Mills has 10 different scenes that are sure to get you off on Reality Kings and a 2-day membership is just $1.  You can find Moriah Mills on Brazzers.  Brazzers too has a $1 trial for two days.

Moriah Mills on Reality Kings – Just $1

Mia Malkova

#6 Top Pornstar

Overall:  ★★★★★

Mia Malkova on Brazzers – Just $1

Mia Malkova Brazzers Reality Kings Babes
2-Day Trial$1$1$1
Porn Scenes30147

Mia Malkova is one of the hottest blonde pornstars on the internet.  One of the coolest things about her is that she’s a nerd.  She admits to playing video games in her down time and loves MMORPG’s.  She also is turned on by herself.  She masturbates to her own sex scenes.  At 28 years of age, Malkova isn’t quite MILF status.  She’s just a beautiful, full bodied, curvy, and sexually Enlighted pornstar that everyone loves to watch.

If you’re into interview porn, you’ll love Malkova in her one of her many lesbian sex scenes.  One in particular with Brandi Love in “Brandi Love’s ‘The Interview’” which can be found on the Brazzers network.  Over 1,500 people have liked it so far, including us.  You’ll see why once you check it out.  Malkova also loves cosplay.  Die Hardcore parts 1, 2, and 3 all have rave reviews on Brazzers.  Malkova sure knows how to handle guns.  She even uses multiple at once in some of these scenes.

Mia Malkova Porn Membership

Malkova is popular online and the best place to find a Mia Malkova porn membership can be difficult at surface level.  Brazzers is far and away the best place to find an extensive library of Mia Malkova porn videos.  There, she has 30 HD porn scenes are available on Brazzers and a 2-day trial is $1.  Reality Kings is the next best option for watching Mia Malkova.  The RK network has 14 scenes that include her and a 2-day Trial is just $1.

Mia Malkova on Brazzers – Just $1

Lana Rhoades

#7 Top Pornstar

Overall:  ★★★★★

Lana Rhoades on Brazzers – Just $1

Lana Rhoades Brazzers Reality Kings Mofos
2-Day Trial$1$1$1
Porn Scenes631

Lana Rhoades is a petite and beautiful brunette.   She’s just 5’3’’and 115 lb’s, but this blue eye’d 34 DD bombshell is a heavyweight when it comes to 2018 and the porn space.  Rhoades has been a top pornstar for a few years but in 2018 her popularity has really grown.  She gets nearly 200,000 searches for her porn videos each and every month of google.

Rhoades is known for being athletic and a lot of her scenes mimic an athletic or forbidden sex undertone.  Massages and workout rooms are a popular place for Rhoades to take off her clothes in many of her top porn scenes.  She’s known for “Exercise Balling” where a workout on an exercise ball becomes a workout with multiple balls.  “A Knob Well Done” features a display of affection from Rhoades after a fulfilling massage.  Each of these is available exclusively on Brazzers.

If none of that is for you, “Office 4-Play” sees Lana with Riley Reid, Janice Grace and others as they get down with an orgy in the office.  It has over 4,000 likes on the Brazzers network.

Lana Rhoades Porn Membership

The top site to sign up for a Lana Rhoades porn membership is Brazzers.  The Brazzers network is just $1 for a 2-day trial and has the most of her videos.  Reality Kings comes in at a close second but also offers a $1 trial for 2-day premium access.

Lana Rhoades on Brazzers – Just $1

Nicolette Shea

#8 Top Pornstar

Overall:  ★★★★

Nicolette Shea on Brazzers – Just $1

Nicolette Shea Brazzers Reality KingsDigital Playground
2-Day Trial$1$1$1
Porn Scenes3743

Nicolette Shea is a rising star in porn.  She just reached 100,000 searches per month in September and her “growing” popularity with kinky porn fans like you and me cannot be denied.  Shea is known for being that premium, platinum blonde with an Amazonian type body.  She’s tall.  At 5’11’’, she’s one of the tallest pornstars online but also one of the most gorgeous.

If you’re into orgies, Nicolette Shea has been prominently featured on a recent series that is nothing butt…so to speak.  Brazzers House 3 features Nicolette Shea and other top pornstars like Bridgette B and Lela B.  With so much top porn talent in one porn series, you can’t really go wrong with Brazzers House.  It’s well reviewed for a reason.

Are you a sports fan who likes to gamble?  Shea is perfect in “ZZ Kentucky Derby” one Brazzers.  Here, she rides to one hot victory with her jockey of choice.

Nicolette Shea Porn Membership

The top place to get a Nicolette Shea porn membership is far and away on Brazzers.  A 2-day trial on the Brazzers network is just $1.  She has 37 videos there to date.  The most recent of her videos was released on October 8th (at time of print, it’s the 11th) so you know she keeps her videos current.  Shea can also be found on Reality Kings where a $1 trial is also available for 2 days of premium.

Nicolette Shea on Brazzers – Just $1

Kendra Lust

#9 Top Pornstar

Overall:  ★★★★

Kendra Lust on Brazzers – Just $1

Kendra Lust Brazzers Reality Kings Mofos
2-Day Trial$1$1$1
Porn Scenes 39101

MILF’s are popular with men and boys alike.  With middle aged women being an extremely popular kink, it is no accident that Kendra Lust is the third MILF on the top 10 pornstars list.  We need our mommy porn and this bubble butted and athletic black haired mynx has grown to 150,000 searches per month in 2018.

Kendra Lust is 40 but doesn’t look it.  She’s clearly a gym-rat.  Maybe that’s what so many of her top sex scenes on Brazzers begin with a workout.  Her most recent work, “Nuru Nymph,” plays to the fantasy of an active massage.  Lust is a nuru masseuse and her craft of rubbing her body up and down oiled clients inevitably ends up with her pinned to a mat on the floor.  Her therapeutic massage turns to sexual healing for all parties.

Into holiday themed porn?  Thanksgiving is coming up and Lust has a special dinner ready. You should have a helping of “Kendra’s Thanksgiving Stuffing” to hold you down this holiday season.  Kendra’s daughter brings her boyfriend home for Thanksgiving.  I wonder if they stayed together…

Kendra Lust Porn Membership

A Kendra Lust porn membership can be had in many places, but some are better than others.  Like many other top pornstars on this list, Brazzers has almost exclusive rights over Kendra Lust it seems.  It’s a good thing.  They’re our top porn site for a reason.  Brazzers has 39 videos of lust available and you can watch them with the Brazzers Network $1 2-day full access trial.  The next best place to find lust is on Reality Kings.

Kendra Lust on Brazzers – Just $1

Nicole Aniston

#10 Top Pornstar

Overall:  ★★★★

Nicole Aniston on Brazzers – Just $1

Nicole Aniston Brazzers Reality Kings Mofos
2-Day Trial$1$1$1
Porn Scenes4874

Nicole Aniston immediately grabs your attention with her sexy curves and athletic frame.  At 5’3’’ and 130 lbs, the bubble butt on Aniston is what keeps porn fans coming back for more.  This beach babe from San Diego is stunning.  She does nothing put perfect 10 porn scenes.  Perhaps that’s why her search volume has grown to 150,000 per month here in 2018.

Aniston loves group scenes and features in many of them on Brazzers.  Girl, girl, guy is by far the most popular.  “Sharing Her Side Piece” features Amia Miley and Nicole Aniston as side lovers to Aniston’s boyfriend.  When he comes home, the three-way that ensues will have you returning for multiple watches.

Aniston doesn’t leave out the sports fans.  In “Betting on Backspin,” Aniston finds herself pent up after a lesson with her tennis trainer.  When they cool off back at the house, the action finds itself heating us up.

Nicole Aniston Porn Membership

You can get access to a Nicole Aniston porn membership with many top porn sites.  The best option is Brazzers.  The Brazzers network is just $1 for a 2-day trial.  That would give you access to 48 different Nicole Aniston scenes that are a part of our top porn site.  The next best option is Reality Kings which also has a 2-day trial for just $1. You can find 7 videos of her there.

Nicole Aniston on Brazzers – Just $1

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Top 5 Porn Sites Best Possible Trial Price
Brazzers2 Days – $1
Reality Kings8 Days – FREE
PornHub Premium7 Days – FREE
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